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Yame Organic gyokuro

Yame Organic gyokuro


(Gyokuro, 玉 露) Translates to "jade dew", referring its pale green liquor.  Gyokuro is known for its rich umami aroma, and it is now available for you to enjoy! 


Yame produces 40 % of Japan's gyokuro and is recognized for its award-winning gyokuro. 

Gyokuro is one of the most expensive teas in Japan, the tea leaves are shielded for 3 weeks to boost its amino acid theanine intake. 




Brewing tips: 

3-4 grams in a kyusu

temperature to 60°C

Let brew for 1-2 mins,  then pour into each cup adding little by little so as to have a uniform flavor in each cup.


Repeat for the second infusion using 75°C water and a short 30-second infusion, the taste is drastically different!



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