Seseragi せせらぎ

Seseragi せせらぎ


This teabowl is given the name "Saseragi せせらぎ" which translates to a "Murmuring as of a stream." This handmade chawan, tea bowl, was custom made for chawan in collaboration with potter, Midori San, to support local women craftsmanship.


The set includes a handmade travel pouch using a kimono fabric and a handcrafted bamboo chasen whisk 


Matsuo Midori 松尾みどり, was born in Sasebo、Japan. She started practicing the art of pottery making at Sarayama kiln in 1998. She engaged with pottery Master Mr. Arai Norihiko 新井憲彦 and learned various techniques, as his apprentice, throughout the years.


“I absorb the murmuring of the river stream and the energy of the Mountain, I want my work to reflect the beauty of the soil and wish for it to touch the hearts of people inside and outside of Japan.”

Midori Matsuo


[長崎県佐世保市生まれ、45歳より 皿山窯 新井憲彦師に弟子入りし今に至る。佐々川のせせらぎ と雄大な山々のエネルギーを土に練り込み 癒しとなる作風の器を国内外に届けることが 夢である]