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Ringo 林檎 Blossom

Ringo 林檎 Blossom


Apple blossom is also known as " Pin Guo Hua," are produced in the spring with the budding of the leaves. The delicate white flowers have a fresh and sweet aftertaste. Apple Flower infusion improves digestive, burns fat, clears acne, lighten pigmentation and other skin problems as well as reducing stress and anxiety. The blossoms are very high in antioxidants and can rid the body of free radicals.


A sweet aroma close to chamomile, the flavor also complements fruits like lemon, pear, apricot and other aromatic flowers such as rose, jasmine, and elderflower. 




Brewing tips : 

Infuse 1 tbsp of apple blossom, pour 90 c water over the apple Blossoms in 200-400 ml water for at 1-2 mins. Pour through a strainer to remove blossoms and drink infused water as a tisane.


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