Okasan おっかさん

Okasan おっかさん


The Okkasan おっかさん blend 


A special blend made with ingredients that cater to every mother’s needs. 

Including the vitamin rich momo blossoms for a clear completion, the detoxing benefits of rose 🌹, the pain relieving, cholestrol lowering , and relaxing effects of lemon grass , the anti inflammatory and ardiovascular support of orange peel 🍊 , the memory enhancing properties of Jasmin and the antioxidants of green tea 🍵


A blend that is full of love for all the strong and beautiful mothers out there ! 💚


  • Double the love to include Kruo Rose blend, made with the gourmet Yunan red tea and rose petals that bring out the sweetness of the tea. A floral blend with a sweet and fruity aroma.
  • all teas are specially wrapped with a furoshiki and lavender sticks.