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Kyobancha 京番茶

Kyobancha 京番茶


Kyobancha is unique to the Kyoto region from which it gets the “Kyo” in its name. Also called iribancha (いり番茶) and akabancha(赤番茶) as it has very low caffine that even kids could drink it. 


Kyobancha Harvested from leaves that have matured over the winter months in late March, it is considered the very last tea of the year. The leaves are roasted, producing a comforting and woody flavour.  light-bodied, cocoa nib


Brewing tips: 


3grams in 90 c water temperature for 1 minute

second infusion 90 c for 30 seconds

third infusion 90 c for 1.5 - 2  mins 

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