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Fukamushi 深蒸し茶

Fukamushi 深蒸し茶

  • Fukamashi is “deep steamed” Sencha, known for its creamy, buttery texture and beautiful cloudy green liqour. Fukamashi tea is made by steaming young leaves two to three times longer than regular Sencha.
  • The deep steaming process reduces astringency, and provides a full body,robust taste, and smoother mouthfeel.
  • Grown in a flat region like Shizouka, the longer exposure to sunshine results in more nutrients in the leaf.




Brewing Tip : 

3 grams per serving in a 100-120 ml pot. Brew using 70-75 c Water and steep for only 30 Seconds. 

The quick brewing time ensures a sweet and delicious result, with a light, delicate aroma

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