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Alfrieh - Chawan Authentic Tea House

Hatsugama tea gathering

Enjoy a traditional new year’s Japanese meal known as “ osechi” prepared by chef Yoshio Umekawa , executive chef at Kei restaurant , “ followed by a relaxing tea serving of thick and thin matcha and wagashi

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Hatsugama tea gathering
Hatsugama tea gathering


2020年1月18日 0:30 – 14:00

Alfrieh - Chawan Authentic Tea House, Bldg 294, Rd No 2807, المنامة،, Bahrain


Hatsugama is the first kettle of the year. 

Celebrate the arrival of the new year with a formal tea gathering known as “Chaji.” 

Enjoy a traditional Japanese new year’s meal, osechi おせち,  followed by a serving of thick tea, koicha 濃茶, and thin tea,usucha 薄茶, served with handmade wagashi 和菓子.  


  • Hatsugama

    The ticket includes Osechi Traditional Japanese meal, specially prepared by chef Yoshi Umekawa , A relaxing tea ceremony where you are served matcha and wagashi





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