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Aromachology (engage your 6th sense )

Your nose is your doctor

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Aromachology  (engage your 6th sense )
Aromachology  (engage your 6th sense )


2023年10月14日 16:00 – 18:00

المنامة, Al Andalus Garden shop 151B road 327, block 308, Road No 327, المنامة، Bahrain


Join us for a unique workshop combining the healing powers of TEA and AROMACHOLOGY to guide you through a self-discovering journey with natural perfumer and artist Veronica (Victoria) Vazeri.

Understand the connection between our sense of smell and our subconscious mind

During this workshop, we will engage our senses, starting with taste using tea, sound using water, sense of touch, and ending with the sense of smell using various scents to uncover your subconscious thoughts and feelings.  

The session will end with a serving of tea and therapeutic coloring.


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